SpiderMan Rigging Side Project

The past two weeks I have been wanting to jump back into some more bipedal rigging to refresh and extend some of the principles I've learned from rigging throughout the last few years.

I decided to do SpiderMan simply because he is my favorite superhero and I also thought it could be challenging to create a very naturally flowing rig for more natural looking body motion.

Here is a jump cycle I did to test out the rigs mechanics.

and honestly what is spider man without a functioning web shooter am I right.
this is a simply video demoing the webshooter's ability on the rig.

I was very pleased with what I came up with for this 2 week rigging project!

Also if you'd like to mess with the rig yourself then head to my website at www.MatthewLoweAnimation.SquareSpace.com and look for "free rigs" in the menu