Fast Animation and Animation Wipes

This post is all about the fast animation. What makes fast animation so appealing? Why is it necessary?

Well to start off, this project is comprised of about 8 frames all on their own timing to create the illusion of a fast movement from one part of the screen to the other.

When you go to break this animation down though you will notice that towards the middle you will be able to see the image of the boy start to warp or blur. This effect in animation is called a "wipe". Similar to what a live action camera captures when an object is moving across the frame except in reality this is called motion blur and happens naturally. In animation we must draw these frames to resemble the motion blur effect.

Now the key to creating a successful wipe or motion blur frame is to stay true to the arcs of the character or subject you are animating, the stronger the arc is the better the animation will read. The second trick to getting this effect to work is to animate the "wipe" on 1's. This means creating three frame right in a row. frame 1 and 3 will be the determining drawings for when you go to create the wipe frame on frame 2.

The Wipe frame is strictly to represent the silhouette of the character from frame 1 to frame 3.  This image is often the most distorted and can take some time to get right.

This big question is why is this type of animation so appealing?